In 1998, during a vision quest to find my dream, "Red Sparrow" was born.  I adopted this American Indian name, which signifies cheerfulness and love of home.  I chose 'red' because in addition to it being my favorite color, red is bold, bright, sassy, outspoken and passionate.   To me, it is more than a color - - red is an attitude!

At the time, A Splash of Red was the perfect name for my decorating consulting and room rearranging business and then it carried over to my retail shop offering beautiful and out-of-the-ordinary accessories for the home.  Now, it continues to feel right for my on-line store.  A Splash of Red specializes in cool and refreshing, contemporary American Craft.  We find artists all over the US and Canada and want to share their talents with you.

We strive to bring you an ever-changing selection of original, functional, whimsical, and beautifully-made items to uplift your spirit and add soul to your surroundings.  We hope you love our site and add A Splash of Red to your life!

I believe your home should be a true reflection of you, so surround yourself with things you love and make you happy!

Have a Really Red Day,

Margie Kraft